She obviously pretended she was someone else and she spammed my google + with this rant full of false accusations against me. I felt guided to delete them as she kept posting the same message over and over, one after another.


So she apparently comes up with this bs story that someone just so happened to screenshot her rant on my google + the millisecond it was up AND this wonderful person posted it on their obviously fake fan page.


So then she acts like she’s finally caught me in all my crowning hypocrisy. She says if someone ever deletes a comment and says they’re about Truth then according to her rules that person is a liar with an inferiority complex.


When I heard that, I was wondering which of us is more the liar with the inferiority complex - me or her.


Then she appears to delete all these comments on her obviously fake fan page. The comments were screenshots of Truth by Sajady’s mother in law complaining he’s parading his mistress around before he’s even divorced.


Therefore according to her rules, she’s a liar with an inferiority complex for deleting that Truth. She also appears to be a huge hypocrite because she had just come up with that dumb construct in order to falsely accuse me.


My story is congruent.


Theirs is not.