My project is autobiographical. If someone doesn’t want to be in my project they should:


Avoid me

They shouldn’t deceive the public


I have no issue with people who are doing their thing, exercising their free will. God gave us free will because he wants us to come to Him sincerely with love. It is the devil that tricks and bribes people into his realm.


Anyone who thought it was a good idea to perpetrate a scam against me while I was doing an autobiographical live multimedia internet project is probably not terribly bright.


Nonetheless people make mistakes. We all have done wrong, myself included.


If they read online that I had begun to see through their scam, they could’ve reached out to me. They could’ve apologized. They could’ve asked how they could’ve made it right.


I did get two thinly veiled attempts at bribery but they were calling me delusional at the same time and they were OBVIOUSLY being deceptive that Sajady had no idea who I was when I was all over their social media and I had been practically functioning as an unpaid publicist for a year on their behalf.


I am so glad I didn’t take their thinly veiled bribes and that I am still free to say what I like. I will fight for my freedom of speech. If they want to go to court, I will fight as hard as I can to get awarded the largest amount possible.


These people ran their affairs in such a way that all of their personal assets (including those of “her former husband”) are in jeopardy should I win this lawsuit. This is what my lawyer says.


Wouldn’t these vehicles looks so much less douchey if they were rainbow?🌈