Mas Sajady told us if I really wanted to heal, I had to play him on a loop night and day.


After I complied with his instructions, I started to receive thoughts that turned out to be deceptive and those deceptive ideas felt like they were my own very thoughts. This is something that would happen to a person exposed to covert hypnosis on a loop constantly.


I really did feel a love spell kick in which I thought was weird. This fairly unattractive guy could barely form a decent sentence. He seemed shallow, narcissistic and a woman hater yet I was somehow, despite all this, feeling an immense desire to listen to him as he blathered on about repetitive new age nonsense. I couldn’t stand all that bragging about himself and how great his kids are and his purported knowledge and backstory never really added up.


He said “solar plex” all the time. He had no one around him to explain that he meant to be saying “solar plexus”. It was clearly the blind leading the blind. He didn’t even seem to know how to say the word “dominant” correctly. It always sounded like “dominate”.


Sajady was claiming to be a former computer programmer but he sounded like a high school dropout. I later called Sajady’s purported college. I could not find any proof that Sajady had any sort of college degree. 


As I listened to Sajady on a loop, I kept getting worse physically and mentally, yet I still felt compelled to listen to his nasty dreck.


Turns out Sajady has stated on a podcast that thousands of people have contacted him about their belief that they are his twin flame. Maybe it’s not just a coincidence that, according to him, thousands are contacting him about this mass delusion?


You can certainly imagine that it would be terribly convenient if an agent of the devil would be adept at occult love spells and covert hypnosis?