These are the questions my lawyer would love to ask Fei Zhou and Mas Sajady.


Episode 3.


Defense Lawyer (DL): Ms. Zhou, please look up at the screen at Defense Exhibit R17.

Fei Zhou (FZ): ... fine.

DL: Ms. Zhou, is that you in the skin tight track suit?

FZ: ... yes.

DL: And is that Mas Sajady standing behind you?

FZ: ... yeah.

DL: And is that his arm wrapped around your body?

FZ: So what?? It was just a friendly hug!!

DL: And is that normal office contact between a boss and his employee?

FZ: Sure! Why not??

DL: Really? Isn't that Mr. Sajady's forearm pushing up into your breasts?

FZ: It's just ... it doesn't .... so what??

DL: Ms. Zhou, please answer the question.

FZ: ... what's the question?

DL: Is that Mr. Sajady's arm pressing up into your surgically enhanced silicon implanted chest?

Plaintiff Lawyer: Your honor!! I object!!

Judge: Sustained. Move on counselor.

DL: Certainly, your honor.