My lawyer is wondering if just maybe a conversation like this recently happened between Fei Zhou (FZ) and her Plaintiff's Lawyer? (PL):




PL: Fei, what is this I'm reading here in their Answer?? Did Mas really say all this crap??

FZ: No, no. They take it all out of context.

PL: Yeah? What about this bit here about Mas saying he has "remote powers" and can "edit time"? What the hell does that even mean??

FZ: Well, you know Mas has certain gifts and -

PL: Make "duplicates" of himself? What the hell is a "duplicate"??

FZ: It's kind of one of those things Mas can do and -

PL: What about all this crap about admiring Adolf Hitler? Adolf Hitler?? Tell me that isn't true!

FZ: No, no. They got that wrong. Mas Sajady only said he admires certain things about Adolf Hitler.