These are the questions my lawyer would love to ask Fei Zhou and Mas Sajady.


Episode 1


Defense Lawyer (DL): Ms. Zhou, I'd ask you to look at the large screen in the center of the court room.

Fei Zhou (FZ): Okay.

DL: As to Defendant's Exhibit H32, is this a photograph from, your husband at the time, Pierre Huguet's 40th birthday "party"?

FZ: ... yes.

DL: Is the man in the red swimming shorts your husband at the time, Mr. Huguet?

FZ: ... yes.

DL: And are you that topless woman that Mr. Huguet is embracing?

FZ: ....

DL: Ms. Zhou?

FZ .... no.

DL: Then can you please tell the jury who that topless woman is that your husband at that time is hugging?