Trial Day 5, cross-examination of Fei Zhou continues, possibly ...



Defendant's Lawyer (DL): Ms. Zhou, you are the executive director of Mas Sajady, Inc., is that correct?

Fei Zhou (FZ): Well, more of the financial manager, really.

DL: So it isn't fair to say that you run the business end of Mas Sajady?

FZ: Well, I manage all the money and do all the bookings and run the staff and handle all the social media stuff so ... well yes, I guess one could say I run the business.

DL: And the business is incorporated in the state of California even though the business address is in Minnesota?

FZ: Um ... yes.

DL: And the business has directed that some of the payments to Mas Sajady, Inc. be made to XPDreamteam? Is that right?

FZ: Well ... just some payments ... for certain things.

DL: And XPDreamteam is incorporated in California, is that correct?

DL: And it is owned by Pierre Huguet?

FZ: .....

DL: Ms. Zhou?

FZ: Yes!

DL: Your honor, I would like to introduce into evidence this certified statement from the California Department of State that XPDreamteam was suspended by the Secretary of State of California during the period of time that Tanster made payments to Mas Sajady through XPDreamteam LLC.

Plaintiff's Attorney: Your honor, as much as I really, really wish I had some shred of an argument to make as an objection, I just don't so ... no objection. No! I mean .. objection for the record!

Judge: Overruled. The corporate veil is pierced.