Defense Lawyer (DL): Your honor, the defense calls Dr. Smith.

Judge: Dr. Smith, do you swear to tell the truth so help you God?

Dr. Smith (DS): I swear.

Judge: Counselor.

DL: Thank you, your honor. Dr. Smith, what is your field?

DS: I am an FBI certified expert in occult symbology.

DL: And do you have a degree in occult symbology?

DS: Yes, from Harvard.

DL: Your honor, I'd ask the court to recognize the witness as an expert.

Plaintiff's Lawyer: ... no objection, your honor.

Judge: So recognized.

DL: Dr. Smith, I'd ask you to look at plaintiff's ZZZ348. This is the eye logo on top of everything Mas Sajady.

DS: Yes, I see it.

DL: Dr. Smith, does that image have any significance in occult symbology?

DS: Oh yes, big time.

DL: And Dr. Smith, please tell the jury what that significance is.

DS: It's satanic. Pure evil, trying to cast the mojo right on anyone that looks at it. It's a very hypnotic symbol, too. You know .. “look into my eyes, you are getting sleepy” (like a vampire). It puts people right into a mild trance so they are far more receptive to whatever BS they are about to see.