Anyone can set up a fake account with the name for example, Kay Tan, and that person can defame anyone. You can see what “Kay Tan” has to say about me on Facebook. It’s on an obviously make believe fan page for a guru who pretends he’s a good guy.


“Kay Tan” still doesn’t realize that “she” is advertising me like I couldn’t advertise myself without all that help. Unlike “Kay”, I don’t have a team of paid publicists pushing and pumping me up.


That’s how the internet works. Some can sling mud from behind fake names. Truthful people can make their cases with evidence.


Without proof, only mind controlled victims are going to buy total nonsense from an obviously imitation fan page Facebook account. The devil is great at putting certain ones under mind control. It’s one of that entity’s chief skills.


No one can really harm anyone on the internet all that much without proof because the internet is by its very nature full of deception.


Despite this, the internet is great at teaching awakening people discernment.


People who go after those who post honest irrefutable evidence and their experience and opinions and pretend it’s defamation in court are really exposing themselves for exactly what they are. Plus they could end up with a massive judgement against them and jail is always a possibility for perjurers.


We really are in a time where liars just can’t hide who they really are like they once could.


Masks aren’t as effective as they used to be for some.


Fighting for the Truth is the best feeling. Join us.