I don’t think we’re being told what forgiveness really is.


I hear Sajady (a cult leader who tricked me) said something on his newsletter like we’re going to get it for being righteous on a path of vengeance.


Then I was watching one of those morning show psyops where this kid (probably a crisis actor) said he was at three terror events and he’s chosen not to be angry but to be positive and to be forgiving about it.


I think we’re being brainwashed to be “forgiving” which equals DO NOTHING.


I also think that’s why Napoleon isn’t regarded as a hero but as some kind of bad guy.


They want us to do nothing and they’re calling that forgiveness.


Forgiveness is what Jesus said regarding the people who were murdering Him: “They know not what they do”.


Jesus was active and outspoken and he never backed down. He was also understanding and forgiving and he fought to encourage people to seek redemption.