I wonder how it looks to the people who work with Mas Sajady and Fei Zhou that they’re playing the court system in an effort to unconstitutionally silence a SECOND former follower.

Someone from China (Zhou) and someone from Afghanistan (Sajady) are operating out of the United States using the US court system in an attempt to violate the right of free speech of a woman AGAIN. They are also attempting to violate my freedom of religion. I express the Truth out of a desire to serve God. No one has the right to take that from me.

Sajady and Zhou just received a humiliating defeat where a judge ordered that their former client has the right to warn the public about what they’re really up to. Do they seriously believe a judge is going to unjustly violate my God given rights on their behalf?

Sajady and Zhou claim they are not being investigated by the IRS. I have several documents indicating that they are being investigated by the IRS. This could be a financially dangerous moment for them to try and play the court system (which is harassment and abuse of process) when I have an excellent chance of being awarded a big judgment against them. I have been planning my countersuit since DAY ONE.

Some “church” they’re running.