This is by James in response to this link:


Obviously Mas Sajady has no actually training in anything. On LinkedIn he claims he has a business marketing degree. Given how little skill he displays in business marketing, I find the idea of him having an actual degree highly suspect. I bet at most he just took some kind of online class. I've also heard that Sajady has a real hard time keeping a job. That I believe. I wonder what he's going to do after the failing Church of Sajady finally closes? Men's Room Attendant? Working the Fry-o-later at Burger King? And what about poor Fei? I don't see her sticking around a loser like Sajady. Maybe she'll focus on her import-export business. She's used to flying back and forth to Peru at this point. High risk, high reward. They both should have taken your advice at the beginning of the year - take the money and run.