It appears that cult leader Mas Sajady is continuing to drive people to suicide. This post is by James in response to this link: 

I wonder what Mas Sajady's followers thought about how he handled that poor woman that called in on his last Global Healing podcast? She appeared to be suffering from severe depression and she was expressing suicidal ideation. Sajady, without any professional training what-so-ever, told her that her pain was her own fault, the result of her past lives and her pain body. He told her she was going to have to continue suffering for some time to come and that the last part of his treatment could be the longest. After 10 minutes of this highly inappropriate and not-at-all surprisingly ineffective "treatment" Sajady hung up on her, telling her go see to a medical professional. The first and only thing Sajady should have said to her was to call the Suicide Prevention Hotline. Sajady's reckless disregard for human life with his abhorrent scam endangered that poor woman's life. How many deaths has Sajady's harmful "advice" contributed to? He should be prosecuted for each one.