This is by James in response to this post:


That woman wasn't actually the only caller demonstrating signs of depression in that podcast. Another caller expressed a lot of hopelessness about his current situation, stating that he was going to be homeless soon and that he has felt like he's dying. He said that after 2 1/2 years following Sajady diligently, he's seen no progress at all. How did Sajady handle this obviously fragile caller? He tried to pick a percentage number of how much better he was and how much longer his pain was going to continue for. How sensitive and compassionate. Another human being is expressing pain and despair and Sajady's response to do a math problem. It would be one thing if Sajady was just selling his useless trinkets like he did back when he started. Now he is really screwing with people's lives. It is shameful. It is evil. Mas Sajady obviously doesn't care who gets hurt so long as he gets to drive his Lamborghini.