This is by James in response to this post:


People who choose to make deals with the devil and his demons are consigning themselves to dwell in the house of the devil, that is, a lake of fire. Why would anyone choose such a fate for themselves? A poorly thought-out desire for quick reward. As an example of this illogical thought process, look at Mas Sajady and his choice to buy fake followers and likes on Facebook. Sajady is demonstrating extremely bad foresight. Buying from a clickfarm might create the immediate satisfaction of suddenly getting a million followers, but it has the obvious long term effect of destroying Sajady's entire scam. Of course people are going to know those followers are all fake and paid for. Sajady's scam depends on people's trust. No one is going to trust a guru that they can see is trying to deceive them. By paying for fake followers, Sajady is demonstrating the same kind of short term, self-destructive thinking of those who chose to make deals with dark sources.