This is by James:

Analyzing something to uncover the truth can take time. For instance, I have just figured out why Mas Sajady needs 10 publicists. It's because they keep rewriting his bio. When I read the latest description they came up with for the Bagwan I laughed and laughed. Remember how they used to say Sajady was compared by unnamed people to be one of the most powerful gurus in history? Well that's gone. Now these unnamed people are merely likening Sajady to many internationally known teachers. That seems like quite the downgrade. He used to be one of the most mojo-iest gurus every and now he's just a well known teacher? Ouch! Masty, I'd recommend maybe not renewing the contract of whichever of your publicists totally dissed you line that. I mean think of how your Third Tier Mastites are going to feel when they see how much wimpier your new description is. They need some reassuring. Do they really want to keep giving thousands to some teacher? They can go take a class at the local Learning Annex for a lot less. I'm going to start a petition to have Nasty's guru status reinstated. Who's with me?