This article is about a formerly big new age figure Doreen Virtue who has become more of a Christian.



I started my project Autumn 2014 because I felt led by my intuition to put art out on the streets. This process led me into situations of conflict with local authorities and since I had a mysterious prompting, I committed myself to serve God. Whatever that was.


I was lucky to have a strong intuitive voice telling me what I should do. A year or so later I felt guided to enter the cult of Mas Sajady. This was a dark experience where I learned a lot about the dark entities that use the new age movement as a front. As my circumstances became darker, more and more I drew closer spiritually to Jesus.


By the time I was finally done with that cult, I felt Jesus ask me to represent Him. He asked me to hold Mas Sajady and his enablers responsible for what they did as they deceived me and countless others. I upheld the Truth to the best of my ability and I continue to do so.


These new age people around Sajady told me one after the other to shut up and be “positive”.


That’s when I realized the new age movement uses “positivity” to silence dissent and to support dark entities as they dominate that environment.


I have been repeatedly harassed and abused by these people and Sajady is suing me for speaking my Truth.


This process has brought me a lot closer to Jesus. It’s as if I was guided to see for myself what’s going on in the new age world so I can see that it’s really mostly a front for watered down satanism.