I was tricked by cult leader Mas Sajady. I experienced that he uses hypnosis and witchcraft and Nazi mind control methods to spiritually destroy people - mostly women.


He sold himself as a healer “like Jesus” who would help connect me quickly to God. I later learned from him that he works with demons and that he is pushing, in a myriad of ways, the satanic agenda.


I figured people would want to know. So many of these followers of Sajady came after me to abuse me at his behest.


I learned that these followers would rather be “right” than happy. If admitting any fault in their logic was involved, they’d rather stay tricked and trapped in a demonic cult.


After that, I tried to get the media interested in the story of Sajady. Our group was told that Sajady drove a man to suicide. Did the media care to warn the public? We did get two reporters in Sajady’s area to report the story.


On the whole though the media would rather report on how much they hate Trump for the ????? number of months than on how the new age world is largely a front for demonic frauds who target beautiful spiritual women.


Now I’m seeing the deception I experienced in the cult of Mas Sajady is way deeper and more pervasive than I could have ever imagined.