This is by James:

That is some good advice. There is a war between good and evil going on all around us. Why does God let bad things happen? Because of free will. Heaven is the Throne of God where all happens according His will. On Earth, God has blessed us with free will. He wants us to come to Him voluntarily and live our lives according to His guidance. There are other forces though, demonic forces led by the devil that try to thwart God's will on earth. The devil and those who serve him try to lead us to destruction. Mas Sajady serves the devil's agenda. We have shown repeatedly how Sajady regularly says things that the devil wants promoted, things that lead people away from God. Our resisting these forces of darkness, our exposing the lies of false prophets and our fighting evil beings us closer to God. That's why there is free will. The fight will continue until our time is up.

One of the devil's attacks is to question the existence of God because tragic things happen in the world. Why does God let bad things happen? What is the alternative? If we lived in a world where we never knew pain, loss or sorrow, where nothing negative ever happened to anyone, then what would we be? What would a world look like where nothing negative ever happened? We would be unchanging, untouchable balls floating in lifeless space, perhaps in a state of perpetual bliss. That may be attractive to heroin junkies, but it doesn't allow for growth and it doesn't let anyone come to God as a choice. He would just be creating little puppets to worship Him all day. God has given us free will and all the ramifications that entails so that we can chose to follow Him, so that we can strive to get ever closer to Him and so that we can embrace the miracle of His son, Jesus Christ. Free will means we have to deal with the positive and the negative, happiness and tragedy.