This is by James in response to this post:


Based just on Mas Sajady's last Global Healing podcast/phone-in show, he is definitely a false prophet. His terrible advice to his fragile followers is endangering lives. He should be arrested. The lake of fire that is waiting for him can't come soon enough.



In Sajady's moon-worshipping podcast a few days ago he reiterated his belief that the recent eclipse was some how related to spiritual goings on. This is, of course, they same BS shamans with a calendar used to spew onto the ignorant pagans back in the day. Eclipses occur with regular, clockwork precision. They are not caused by spiritual forces. They are caused by the orbits of planets, moons and stars. They are a matter of perception. I guess Sajady's total misunderstanding of this is consistent with his thinking that the machine-like, precise way the number of his followers change on a daily basis is somehow "organic."



Speaking of Mas Sajady total blather, do you know he has a new podcast coming out tomorrow? It's time to recharge your Jesus crystals, Mastites! Hope you bought the extended warranty! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂