This clip below describes how a man who is a host for a reptilian entities can seduce a woman through activating her kundalini energy system. I have observed cult leader Mas Sajady do something that looks like this to various women (and men) and I believe he did it to me.


When looking up “kundalini sickness” online, I read many accounts which combined increased spiritual gifts, illness and something that looked like demon possession.


Mas Sajady tells everyone they will experience “detox” from dealing with him. He promises healing. He has shown repeatedly he delivers demon possession and sickness.


It is also clear that his followers become sexually bonded to him.


In my experience, people are playing a very dangerous game when they get messed up with him. There is the one suicide that we know about. Some are financially ruined. Some end up trapped in the lower realms and are so miserable, it seems they are being harvested as a food source for dark entities.


We were sad to hear that lives are still being destroyed, from what we heard, in Sajady’s latest global “healing”. We cannot make these unfortunate people leave Sajady. It’s their free will to continue to allow themselves to be devoured by a malevolent guru and spirits.


The best thing that can happen, if a person has been “activated” by Sajady, and the entities that animate his abilities, is that they find a way to genuinely connect to God.


How? Pray to God that all contracts are reset. Renounce the dark entities. Listen to Spirit. God is always there for you. Recovery from what Sajady does is a process but it is well worth the effort.