Planting those seeds. This is how they discredit the Truth in real time.

Is this the deceptive agenda playing out live? I think we could learn a lot about how they produce their sneaky propaganda from their behavior.


They say they trust each other and who are the Truthtellers? Just a bunch of nobodies. Listen to the YouTube pedogate research club. They wouldn’t steer the public the wrong way, right?


Maybe we can get snopes on this one too?


If the rich people are paying agents to be deceptive on the internet that is treason in my opinion. A country shouldn’t wage mental war on its own people. 


Their masks are off if you care to acknowledge it. 


Ben’s testimony can be found here:



Dan Behrendt on N word accusations.

The Gematria analyists have noticed the N word is coded all over media stories about black people. I think the politically correct thing is a power game that serves the powers that should not be. But I will go along with their games because I don’t need to cross their made up self serving agenda to do what I need to do.


Dan said commenters on the internet gave him crap for daring to use the word which must not be stated in any context ever - apparently.


The idea that this word cannot be said because it is just so hurtful and damaging to black people actually casts black people in a very insulting light. Think about it. 


Planting those seeds...

I’m going to show you what everybody does and then you’ll see the Truth about them. 


Is the “Truth Community”  in place to discredit the Truth, should it ever deign to arise?


Is the price of success, abuse?

I was always really eager for success. I felt I had the talent and work ethic to succeed. Whenever I got close to success and money (like when I worked with Getty Images as a celebrity photographer), the abuse would make it totally not worth it. I was treated the worst at my most “successful” job.

No one at Getty Images mistreated me. I felt the angst and contempt mostly from my dealings with publicists.

“Success” can be a trap. The kingdom of heaven is inside you. Your gut will tell you what’s right for you.

I define success very differently now.

This comment is brimming with Truth.

The comment below is from this post:


The interesting thing is that they have nothing to discredit Ben with. OG Wan said he just had a feeling it wasn't true. The fact that Stormy Daniels was involved was too much for him to process. I know, right? New York politicians and sex workers involved in a New York based sex cult? That really is tough to process (to be read in a sarcastic voice). I don't find it suspicious that people might be skeptical. I do find it highly suspicious when anyone has a reaction stronger than that. The vile, personal attacks on the Frank Report? That revealed a lot. I see Crazy Days and Nights is playing his hand very close to his vest. Enty "seems to think" the NXIVM allegations are false. Seems to think? That is pretty noncommittal. It "seems" to me that a VIP has issued some orders and now we are seeing people respond. All right when the polygraph is coming up. Boy, someone out there really doesn't seem to want that to happen. There's two stories here - one about what the eyewitness says he saw and the other a meta commentary on Truthers. People are showing who they're really allied with here.


Ben’s raw testimony is below. The spin doctors can scramble people’s brains out of seeing the Truth in plain sight. Real or fake. The choice is yours.

We’re up against the Syndicate.

When they try winding us up against the “jews”, it’s so you’ll miss the target. “Jews” is just one of their masks. One of MANY. They are chameleons and they are very convincing actors because acting is what they do. If someone’s words and actions don’t match - beware.  You will recognize them by their LIES.


They have to discredit Ben.

It’s the easiest way to try and make his story disappear. I’m showing you how they ATTEMPT to squash the Truth in real time.


Here are videos showing Ben as he testifies to what he saw at a NXIVM mixer:


Think for yourself or fall for their played out media tricks. The choice is yours.


Around 7:30, OG Wan Kenobi discusses Ben’s story.

I believe the biggest accusers of Ben have been SECRETLY working for the cult itself. Watch what they say about Ben. More than likely, just like propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels before them, they will continue to accuse Ben of what they themselves do.